What We Really Love To Do

Occasionally people ask us what we really love to do or what we specialize in. If you’ve seen our web site then you already know that over the years we’ve branched out from house painting and learned lots of other skills. Those additional skills are needed mostly to prepare sites for painting.

But house painting is still our favourite thing to do. The reason is that painting is one of those trades where the act of doing it is relaxing and some would describe as Zen-like. I know nothing about Zen so can’t comment on that but like other career painters, I’m quick to admit that painting can be meditative, and getting in the “Zone”, or letting our minds rest is certainly and huge bonus that goes with the trade.

A room full of painters all concentrating on the task at hand is very quiet place. We usually work without music or other distractions if necessary. Most music is stimulating in one way or another so it spoils our concentration and besides, even if we could all agree to have music playing, we would never be able to agree on what type of music we should play!

I think that the whole notion of the relaxing nature of our work would explain why most painters I know don’t like sanding. It’s fine if we’re doing it by hand but invariably we’re using small sanders and anything electrical like a power sander or a vacuum cleaner is very distracting.

On the other hand the very same group of painters who might admit they don’t like painting are the same group who would quickly volunteer that they enjoy plastering. Like painting, plaster work allows us to concentrate on what is immediately in front of us and we enjoy working the product to just where we want it.

Someone told me once that this preference refers to the nature of work itself. So it makes sense that both paint and plaster as wet and malleable products would appeal to the same type of person who likes that type of work.

This appreciation of the fluid nature of our work might explain why contractors I know, especially carpenters don’t like painting. Even though we may very well work on the same site, sometimes at the same time, we are in completely different lines of work.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Don’t hand a measuring tape to a painter and for goodness sake, don’t ever ask a carpenter to help you paint.