Specialty Painting Services

    Painting and Repairs

    Over the years we’ve been asked to take on projects which would fall under the category of handy-man services.  We put this page in simply to show you that, yes, we can sometimes take on special requests if we believe we have the skills and the tools to accomplish top quality results.

    Attached are a few galleries of projects we’ve done in the past that we’re proud of, but don’t fit into the neat category of painting per se.  For us, this is just another way we want to show people that we’re up for more than just doing painting projects.  Yes, as we’ve said throughout this website, painting pays the rent, but it’s the satisfaction of managing a project from start to finish that interests everyone on the team in the end.

    Let us know if there’s something you’d like us to tackle and especially if it’s something that needs to be done as part of an overall painting project.