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    Commercial Painting Services

    Our Background in Commercial Painting Services

       Confidence comes from knowledge and experience.  We’ve been building on both, since we founded the company back in 2009.  Starting with residential interior and exterior painting, it was a relatively easy transition from painting rooms in our clients homes to painting doctor’s offices, chiropractic clinics and meeting rooms.  The difference was in the level of service and unique needs of our commercial clients.

        Since then, we have taken on additional insurance coverage, WSIB clearances, staff training in safe workplace safety standards and lift equipment handling.  With a professional crew who understand the unique needs of our commercial clientele we understand your demand  for a team that can deliver.


    What our Clients Expect in Commercial Painting Services

       Here’s the part where I’m told I should write some long bit about trust or service or experience or something but sorry, I’m not going to.

       Let’s face it,  painting is what we do for a living.  It pays the rent.  So we can’t afford to be bad at what we do, period.  We’re only as good as the last paint job we do so every day we get up and treat every job with the same attitude that drove us on the last project.

        But for those of you who feel compelled to read the self-congratulatory stuff, I’ve also decided to leave it in here underneath. 

       We know that you have strict deadlines to meet in order to open that new facility, get a new tenant settled in or complete the renovations.

        We understand that commercial painting services are simply one of the details you have to take care of as part of any renovation, moving, or upgrade you’re planning at your facility.  Our goal is to own that piece of the project so that you can deliver, on time, and on budget. 

        Our team is experienced in dealing with the restrictions that are inherent in commercial painting: limitations on hours of access to service elevators, dealing politely and effectively with on-site security personnel, securing pass keys and confidentiality around access codes.

        We are available to work either during office hours or after hours.  Our uniformed team of professional commercial painters will arrive on time, fully equipped with the tools and equipment to get the work completed on time and on budget. 

        In addition to the crew, a team leader/site supervisor is assigned to each project to be your on-site contact should there be any changes or special circumstances.  That person is dedicated to working directly with you or your representative on site to relay information/changes and special needs to the painting team.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Painting Services

    What type of Commercial Painting do you do?

       The commercial painting side of the business is diverse and we cover specific areas.  Offices, meeting rooms and class rooms are all places where lower ceiling heights enable us to paint with a standard brush and roller technique.

       In addition to standard commercial interiors, we all have safety training in working at heights and operating lift equipment so we’re comfortable painting the exterior of buildings or at height in warehouses and atriums.

       For high-end projects we own high quality spray painting equipment that enables us to paint or varnish anything from furniture to boardroom tables and wood paneling too.

    What other services do you offer as Commercial Painters?

       If we can’t do it ourselves, we can surely find someone who can! In addition to painting, we also prepare sites by doing major drywall and plaster repairs, basic carpentry, and woodwork refinishing and restoration. 

       With our combined experience and vast network of contacts, we can probably help you find other high quality professionals too.  This year alone we have helped our clients by subcontracting carpenters, roofers and tile specialists. 


    Will your crew be available to work at night?

       Generally, our clients have us complete commercial painting work after hours, meaning we start at 6:00pm.  Weekend work is also done when evening work on site is not an option. Let us know what you need and we’re confident we can schedule a crew at the times you need.


    Is your crew bondable?

      We carry $2,000,000 in general liability insurance.  You are assured of our coverage because we will have our insurance company provide you with an insurance clearance certificate showing our policy number, status and amount of coverage. 

       In addition, and we take pride in the fact that every member of our commercial painting team has been with us for extended period of time. We’re confident that we will do the job you’ve asked us to do without spilling paint on the carpet, breaking lamps or damaging the common areas of the building. 


    Do you pay WSIB?

       We’ve been a contributor to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board for many years because we realize that our responsibility to look after our staff is just as important as looking after you and your facility. 

       We can have a WSIB Clearance Certificate sent to you same day.  Just ensure we you’re your correct business name you use as a WSIB client and we will take care of the rest.



        In closing, we have always believed that our business has been about service through problem solving.  You need to get work done and that has to happen on top of everything else you have to do.  So we will come to your office, factory or institution and walk through your project with you to learn first-hand how we can make things happen, on time and on budget.  We work hard to make things look great so you look fabulous!


    List of Commercial Painting Clients

       We would be thrilled to pass along a list of our commercial clients including contact information.  Just give us a call and we’ll generate a list of contact names of our happy clientele. 


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