When is the best time to hire house painters?

The best time to hire house painters is any time when we’re not busy. Think about it. You know the best time to buy a snowmobile is in June. The best time to buy a bicycle is in November. So it stands to reason that you will get better service and quite possibly better pricing from any painting contractor when we’re in our off-season or during slower periods.

So now I’m going to let you in on a little secret. These are the traditionally the slow times for painters.

For interior painting the slow season for us is January and February obviously. After Christmas, most people just want to stay home and cocoon after the holidays and all that entertaining. It’s also a slow time for us because people are broke after Christmas. They are either paying down their VISA bills or working off the Christmas cheer at the gym.

So if neither of these concerns apply to you, get that interior painting done when no-one else hiring painters. We are eager for the work and quite possibly in a position to offer a substantial discount to keep our crews employed. That’s a double benefit to you.

While were talking about the holiday season, consider having us paint your house while you are off on vacation. I know, you may be concerned about trusting someone with the care of your home while you’re not there. I get it. But we carry $2,000,000 in liability insurance, are WSIB certified, and all our crew have been with us for an extended period of time so we trust the people who work for us. Besides, you can always ask for and check our references.

Imagine coming back from your cruise holiday or family visit out of town to a freshly painted house? Everything is taken care of while you’re away. You leave with your home one way and come back to your home transformed with a new fresh look and feel.

By the way, in addition to painting we also know how to sweep and vacuum so that you come home to a clean, painted house. Just something for you to consider.

Next, September is also a slow period for us generally. Home owners, especially those with school-age children are in back-to-school mode in September so they aren’t thinking about painting then. If you don’t have young children, this might be an ideal time to have us do that interior painting project.

Finally, take time to plan ahead. Every year we have customers who call us up in March and April and book their exterior painting projects. They are guaranteed a spot on our roster and then have the entire summer season to enjoy their freshly stained decks, fences and painted houses.

And don’t forget about September and October for exterior painting.  September is an ideal month to paint outside because it’s warm and dry and not as hot.  We also get a window of good weather right into October most years.  Now I wouldn’t start a whole house then and I don’t want to stain a deck at the end of September because of the chance of rain, but you understand where I’m coming from.  Depending on the area to be painted and the situation, we can work outside longer than you might think.  And if you’re in a pinch, newer paints can be applied at lower temperatures, so the old standards around curing times and temperature don’t necessarily apply in all cases.

Now think about how this issue of timing and planning applies to you if you are planning on buying or selling your home. Plan to get the painting done and arrange that before you move in! It’s always easier for us to paint an empty house. Once you move in and fill bedrooms with furniture and the rest of you home with plants and pets and kids, painting is much more disruptive.

The same is true if you’re selling. If you paint your home early, it’s all done and you get to enjoy your freshly painting house and have all that out of the way long before you get overwhelmed with all the other list of things to do as part of selling.

And while I’m on the subject of selling homes, every real estate agent will agree. List your home when there are fewer homes out there to buy. (I’m referring to that concept called Supply and Demand.)  Listing in the off-season for real estate means that you have less competition in your neighbourhood and more changes that prospective buyers will look seriously at your house. Ask an agent for advice on this but we know from experience that the two best times to list are January, (yes, in the dead of winter) and before Spring. In fact, that week before March Break. That way your house is listed before the kids are out of school and families will be available to drag the children along on house hunting expeditions.

I always go grocery shopping when the stores are packed. I always think of going to the movies when everyone else goes.  Why?  Because I don’t think strategically about these small decisions. But when it comes to bigger decisions and thinking outside the box, you stand to gain.  You get the work done on your terms, have less stress because you’ve planned ahead and more time to enjoy the investment you’re making.

Looking forward to working with you!

Merry Christmas.