Passionate Painters in Toronto since 2009

    Who are The Passionate Painters?

    This is the start of our 11th year here at The Passionate Painters and it’s been a rewarding ride.  We started out small and modestly doing only interior residential painting.  We’re still a small company but now we’re a closely knit team of painters with various relevant skills.  It’s the experience of each member of the crew that gives all of us the confidence to tackle new and different projects.

    As time has gone on, we have responded to our customer’s requests to take on different work especially things like plastering and drywall repairs that are sometimes necessary before painting can begin.

    Now, here we are a decade later and we’re restoring woodwork, refinishing exterior wood entrance ways, and using spray equipment for those specialized projects.  We’re still doing major plaster and drywall repairs required after water damage and tackling commercial painting projects too.

    Where we’re we going now as The Passionate Painters

    2016 was a watershed year for us here at The Passionate Painters. This was the year we had multiple opportunities to work at heights using boom cranes, (cherry pickers) and scissor lifts, (Skyjacks).

    We bought specialized spray painting equipment to enable us to provide higher quality finishes and we grew the staff to meet the needs of the work that came our way.


    This is our livelihood.  It’s what we do.  It pays the rent.  We all know that we’re only as good as the last job we did.  That’s it. Period.

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